8-Way Adjustable Connector



Double the Number of Usable Outlets

Custom installers and system integrators  know all about space problems. There’s never enough power outlets and sometimes – even when there are plenty, you can’t use them. One good example is when a duplex wall outlet is right where you need it, but something — a piece of furniture, perhaps — has to be so close to the wall it’s on as to block access. The solution is to use a right-angle plug, but that can create a problem of its own: Unless you can use TWO right-angle plugs, facing in opposite directions, you can’t use both of the outlet’s sockets. Either the furniture will block the unused socket, or the cable for the one right-angle plug will block access to the socket for the other. RSX 8-way adjustable plugs solve all that.

How Do They Work?

It’s easy: the plug is made in two sections, with the connector parts mounted on one and multiple sets of positioning holes on the other. To set the plug so that the contacts and the cable are positioned as you need them, just attach the internal wires to the connector part, turn it to however you need the contacts to be – up, down, right, left, or any of four 45-degree positions, and insert two screws to hold it all together. RSX 8-way adjustable plugs are of extreme high quality, with solid construction, heavy-duty cable clamps, and either gold or rhodium-plated copper conductors. Both NEMA and IEC versions are available and may be ordered as special options at additional cost for either or both ends of any RSX cable.    



A Great Combo

If you have space or layout problems, RSX 8-way adjustable connectors are the perfect way to ensure that you can use all of the outlets on your Power8 AC Power Box or any similar product. They sound good, too!