Roger Skoff is a noted author, reviewer and audio critic who has written hundreds of white papers over the last 30+ years. Following is a selection of white papers written by him relative to the principles and concepts which RSX™ cables are based on.

How to Sell Cables the Easy Way

When you’re selling to a customer, you’re doing him a service: You’re giving him the opportunity to buy something that will contribute to his musical enjoyment, and you’re providing him with the benefit of your expertise in helping him to select the components or system that will be best for him, given his tastes, preferences, listening environment, and budget.

Many salespeople in every field forget this and, as a result, neither provide the very best service to their customers nor earn as much as they might otherwise do.
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That’s Why It’s Called A ‘System’

Think about a chorus; The Robert Shaw Chorale, for example. Or maybe, to be a little more grandiose, the three hundred sixty voice Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Or go for broke, and think of all of the massed choruses of the Mahler Symphony #8 — the “Symphony of a Thousand” — in a full production. Now, think about one single voice among all those others and, finally, imagine that the chorus becomes silent while the single voice continues. Now you know all about hi-fi. A stereo system of any kind, good, bad, or indifferent is, in a number of important ways, both the single voice and the choir at the same time. Musically, that’s obvious: Whatever the music is, regardless of its kind or the number of players involved, or the kind and number of instruments and performers….
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Is Testing the Real Snake Oil? Roger Skoff Debunks the Debunkers

When I was a Kid Hi-Fi Crazy many years ago, “specs” were really important to me and to all of my Kid Hi-Fi Crazy friends. Being kids, we naturally had no money, and couldn’t afford to buy anything—or at least not anything that wasn’t either a kit or second-hand. Even so, we were all very…
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Technical White Papers

Why AC Power Cables Make a Difference

Every audiophile who has experimented with better AC power cables has heard the performance advantage they offer. Indeed, the amount of improvement can be astounding, often transforming a system from good to amazing. As audiophiles, we trust our ears but it’s hard to understand how replacing just one short link in a long
chain of the power delivery system can have such a dramatic impact. The following article is intended to answer those questions.
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Balanced Field™ Technology

A great deal of information, both highly technical and in language more suited to the layperson, has been written about cables and their design. The great majority of it, whether specifically addressing the issue of cables or as intended to be much broader in scope and more fundamental in application, is (if from a reliable source) correct, and much of it has been drawn from the research of such historical greats as Maxwell, Faraday, Ampere, and other more recent authorities including Malcolm Omar Hawksford
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