Author: Roger Skoff


The BENCHMARK Series is RSX’s highest value line. While still retaining the hand termination of all other RSX products, the cable portion of every BENCHMARK cable Is specifically designed by Roger Skoff to be custom machine manufactured. This saves hours of hand labor per cable as compared to RSX’s other lines and RSX uses the savings to buy better materials and technologies to provide truly remarkable performance at its very modest price point. The “ER” in all BENCHMARK product names stands for Enhanced Resolution and that’s what it delivers.

The BENCHMARK Series is comprised of five products: ER-61 Speaker Cables; ER-41 Digital Interconnects; ER-11 Line Level Interconnects; ER-31 Phono Cable; and ER-20 Power Cord.

BENCHMARK™ ER-61 Speaker Cables

These new BENCHMARK™ Speaker Cables are intended to outperform any others at anywhere near their price. Designed specifically for RSX by Roger Skoff, the founder of XLO, RSX BENCHMARK™ ER-61 Speaker Cables feature premium 11+AWG (American Wire Gauge) solid-core copper conductors (possibly the heftiest in their class, but still easily flexible), arrayed in a Litz-variant geometry, and are constructed with three different low-kappa-factor (low dielectric constant, high “dump rate”) dielectrics for better sound.

To maximize contact area and minimize contact resistance, all BENCHMARK Speaker Cables are supplied with gold plated, non-magnetic, BFA (“Z-style) banana plugs specifically selected for quality of contact, durability, and good sound.



BENCHMARK™ ER-41 Digital Interconnects

This significant variant on the BENCHMARK format recognizes the issues of megahertz digital transmission and characteristic impedance matching to provide truly outstanding digital performance. Available ultra-low mass gold-plated RCA connectors only.



BENCHMARK™ ER-11 Line Level Interconnects

Line level interconnects feature proprietary design, premium copper conductors, multiple low kappa-factor dielectrics, and bi-metallic shielding. Choose either ultra-low mass gold-plated RCA connectors or gold-plated RSX XLRs at extra cost.



BENCHMARK™ ER-31 Phono Cable
Phono Cables feature high-purity oxygen-free copper conductors with multiple low-Kappa factor, high “dump rate” dielectrics, and provide full coverage bi-metallic shielding to protect the signal from even the lowest-output phono cartridges. They are available either with gold-plated ultra-low-mass RCA connectors for tight contact and the lowest possible self-inductance, or with a combination off those same RCA connectors and a best quality gold-plated, Teflon dielectric, straight DIN connector.
Expect these affordable genuine RSX cables to outperform any other brand at up to three or more times their price. RSX has done it again!


 BENCHMARK™ ER-20 Power Cord

The BENCHMARK ER-20 is something new to RSX. Hand terminated, like all other RSX cables, it’s the first RSX cable ever specifically designed to have its all-important conductor assembly machine made instead of hand-crafted from multiple components. This saves hours of hand labor and allows RSX to devote more of its production budget to better sound.
BENCHMARK truly is a benchmark product. Laboratory-grade™ copper, low dielectric constant, high dump-rate primary insulation, Balanced-Field™ geometry, 100% coverage shielding, special outer jacketing, and highest quality gold-over-pure-copper connectors are all used in BENCHMARK ER-20 Power Cords to give clearly audible performance far beyond its modest price point. BENCHMARK ER-20 IS THE new standard for affordably priced AC Power Cords.



BEYOND™ Phono DIN Cable Review

Robert Levi of Posi+ive Feedback has written a raving review of RSX’s Beyond DIN Phono cable! Here are a few snippets:

“I rarely revisit my complete reviews, but the RSX top-of-the-line Beyond phono cable with DIN connector has revealed state-of-the-art attributes that are stunning to this reviewer.”

“The RSX DIN connector is unique as it has minimalist metal design, just enough to provide good strength and stability and strong contact.”

“My continued highest recommendation for RSX Beyond Phono Cables, particularly if you require DIN termination as I do.”

Read the complete review at Posi+ive Feedback.