1 Year | 7 Products | 5 Top Awards

When we introduced our very first products at the end of 2019, we were pleased with our work and hoped that reviewers and audiophiles would be too. It didn’t take long to find out: In just 45 days, our first review was published, and it was a “rave.” Since then, we’ve increased our line to a total of seven products, all with the same underlying philosophy of: “Hear the music, not the cables” (Or, in the case of the Power8, “…not the AC Power Box”).

That must be working because after just four years in business, our products are in the homes of Hi-Fi enthusiasts and in the “reference” systems of reviewers everywhere, and five of our seven products have earned top performance awards – some more than once. And now our entire BENCHMARKTM line of audio products has been recognized for its high performance and outstanding value.

Robb Report Audio Awards 2024
Best Audiophile Cables: RSX Technologies Benchmark Series

3-20-202 | By Robert Ross, Bryan Hood, James Barber

“For thoughtful music listeners with open minds and sufficiently resolving systems, good cables do indeed make an audible sonic improvement. One needn’t spend the price of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class to get there, either. Sanity prevails with RSX Technologies’ Benchmark Series cables, which provide a stem-to-stern solution for every component in the system. Designed by cable-industry veteran Roger Skoff of XLO Cables fame, the Benchmark series includes ER-11 Line Level, ER-31 Phono, and ER-41 Digital Interconnects in various lengths and terminations. The ER-61 Speaker Cables use flexible, 11+AWG Litz-variant geometry solid copper conductors terminated with gold-plated banana plugs. Many audiophiles contend that a component’s power cord—especially for the amplifier—is the most important cable connection of all, and the ER-20 Power Cord, at just $200, delivers audible improvement well beyond its modest price.

20th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards 2023
12-6-2023 | By Editors at Positive Feedback | Issue 130

“The RSX Benchmark series of power and transport cables utilize a unique Teflon insulator instead of the traditional PVC material often used. This results in a dielectric that holds very little charge and provides a fast dump-rate for any charges that are induced into the cable medium. The result is a more pure delivery of signal from one end of the cable to the other.

The cable itself does not ‘color’ the signal with additional distortion caused by the repeated charging and discharging of EMF and RFI generated within the cable insulation itself. These cables are priced at a fraction of the cost of higher-end audiophile-grade cables making them an excellent value. These cables perform much higher than their price point. For this level of performance, these cables are an outright bargain.”

Hi-Fi+ Gives 2023 “Highly Recommended” Award to BENCHMARK ER-20 Power Cord
12-2023 | By Editors at Hi-Fi+ | Issue 226

17th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards 2020
11-20-2020 | By Editors at Positive Feedback | Issue 112

RSX was proud to learn that 3 of our products were selected as top winners by writers for the “17th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards For 2020”. The three products selected were the BEYOND Power Cord, The BEYOND Phono Cable and the Power8 Power Box.

“After celebrating 55 years as an audiophile, I have never seen a company begin with so many products achieving top performance right out of the gate. With Roger Skoff’s extraordinary taste levels and time honored engineering genius, I really should not be surprised. Congratulations Roger and RSX Technologies.”

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Robinson’s Brutus Awards for 2020
02-04-2021 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 113

RSX was even prouder to learn that two of our products earned the most prestigious award that Positive Feedback Online gives out – the Brutus Award. David W. Robinson singled out our MAX™ Power Cord and Power8™ power box as two of his choices for this great honor.

“In my months with the MAX Power Cable and Power8, used in our reference office/desktop room (the MAX plugged from the wall AC receptacle to the Power8, and all other components connected via other cables to the Power8), this RSX Technologies combination actually surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect, but the RSX provided an extraordinary transparency on the power side of the ledger. I listened, but couldn’t hear that the sound of the attached components was anything better than faster, arising out of a quieter noise floor, but with no additional sonic signature. I consider the results to be phenomenal, especially at their price points. The MAX Power Cable that I’m listening to is $1850 MSRP for a six-footer 15A IEC, while the Power8 runs a relatively mere MSRP of $429 for the 15A IEC model. A total of $2279 for some first-rate power distribution that does no audio editorializing.”

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