On October 10, 2022, Dr. David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of “Positive Feedback” announced that RSX’s BENCHMARK AC Power Cord had earned that magazine’s Brutus Award for outstanding value.


BENCHMARK ER-20 is something new to RSX. Hand terminated, like all other RSX cables, it’s the first RSX cable ever specifically designed to have its all-important conductor assembly machine made instead of hand-crafted from multiple components. This saves hours of hand labor and allows RSX to devote more of its production budget to better sound. BENCHMARK AC Power Cords are now available in standard 6 ft. lengths and in 3 ft. lengths to avoid system clutter and the inductive losses that coiling excess cable length can produce.

“At $200.00 per, this is one of those rare no-brainers in high-end audio. Benchmark is a price-performance killer!” – Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief Positive Feedback Online


Setting a New Standard

BENCHMARK truly is a benchmark product. Laboratory-grade™ copper, low dielectric constant, high dump-rate primary insulation, Balanced-Field™ geometry, 100% coverage shielding, special outer jacketing, and highest quality gold-over-pure-copper connectors are all used in BENCHMARK ER-20 Power Cords to give clearly audible performance far beyond its modest price point. BENCHMARK ER-20 IS THE new standard for affordably priced AC Power Cords.

For even better performance, RSX will soon be offering a cryogenically frozen version of the BENCHMARK AC Power Cord at only a very slight increase in price. Contact RSX or your dealer to learn when this will be available. 

Pairs Nicely With Power8™

The Power8™AC Power Box is one of RSX’s  best selling products. It seems that nobody ever has enough high-quality power outlets, and Power8 is a great way to add more. It needs a power cord to connect it to the wall, though, and BENCHMARK ER-20 is an easy and affordable way to get some of the kind of award-winning sound that Bob Levi described as follows:

“(The Power8)…was indistinguishable from my $3,500 and $7,000 power conditioners..” – Bob levi (1/29/2020 Positive Feedback Power8 review.)