“At $200.00 per, this is one of those rare no-brainers in high-end audio. Benchmark is a price-performance killer!”

              – Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief Positive Feedback Online


BENCHMARK ER-20 is something new to RSX. Hand terminated, like all other RSX cables, it’s the first RSX cable ever specifically designed to have its all-important conductor assembly machine made instead of hand-crafted from multiple components. This saves hours of hand labor and allows RSX to devote more of its production budget to better sound.

Setting a New Standard

BENCHMARK truly is a benchmark product. Laboratory-grade™ copper, low dielectric constant, high dump-rate primary insulation, Balanced-Field™ geometry, 100% coverage shielding, special outer jacketing, and highest quality gold-over-pure-copper connectors are all used in BENCHMARK ER-20 Power Cords to give clearly audible performance far beyond its modest price point. BENCHMARK ER-20 IS THE new standard for affordably priced AC Power Cords.

Pairs Nicely With Power8™

The Power8™AC Power Box is one of RSX’s  best selling products. It seems that nobody ever has enough high-quality power outlets, and Power8 is a great way to add more. It needs a power cord to connect it to the wall, though, and BENCHMARK ER-20 is an easy and affordable way to get some of the kind of award-winning sound that Bob Levi described as “…indistinguishable from my $3,500 and $7,000 power conditioners..” in his 1/29/2020 Positive Feedback Power8 review.