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Introducing Michael Roth

Photo of Michael Roth

RSX would like to introduce Michael Roth as our Webmaster and Social Media Manager. He is currently acting as Production Manager for the company, and is eager to take on these additional roles. His background in education and technology is a key asset in our continuing online presence.

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AC Power Cords: The Last Six Feet – Do They Really Matter?

With some accessory AC power cords now costing as much as thousands of dollars, it’s no surprise that audiophiles are asking how the last six feet of wire – the cable from the wall to their system — can possibly make an audible sonic difference when the power it delivers might be coming through as much as hundreds of miles of other wire to get to that wall. It’s a good question, and most of …

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The Mysterious Dr. Tezukuri

As published in the The Absolute Sound on May 5, 2016 Roger Skoff, founder of XLO Electric™ and now the CEO of RSX™ Technologies, Inc. is a serious audiophile and world-famous cable designer who also happens to have a playful side. This came out when he had a need to avoid disclosing his identity prior to launching XLO. In this fun and fascinating article, Roger details how he created this mysterious persona. Though XLO Electric… …

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Capacitors, Speakers, Cables and Other Magic Stuff

Well more than half a century ago, when I was a kid, the teacher in my high school Physics class did something I will never forget. Let me tell you about it. Maybe you’ll want to keep it in mind, too. He Blinded Me With Science One day, as part of his regular lesson, the teacher (sorry, but after all these years, I simply don’t remember his name) brought out an electroscope—a device for indicating …

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Building a New System: Where to Start?

Are you going to put together a new High-End audio system? Start with the cables! Read on to find out why this can give you better sound and save you thousands of dollars, now and in the future. “The Best In The World” My name is Roger Skoff. I am a cable designer, and, after selling my former company, XLO, some years ago, I have a new company (named RSX Technologies) that I am in …

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Longer Burn In Times For RSX Cables…But Why?

A Plunkett Award Nomination I don’t know if you were aware of this, but many years ago, XLO™, my former cable company, was nominated for Dupont’s® prestigious “Plunkett Award for the Innovative Use of Teflon”. As a result of this, Dupont® developed an interest in what my, barely-even-tiny-by-comparison, company was doing,  and allowed us the very special privilege of being able to access “test batches” of their full range of “under-development” (Not yet commercially available) …

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