Does That Really Work?

In this article published by Posi+ive Feedback, Roger Skoff writes about one of High-End audio’s truly basic questions: Do Hi-Fi power cords truly make a difference in your system?

“Something very strange has happened.

In the current issue (#194) of Hi-Fi+, one of the UK’s leading audio publications, Jason Kennedy, the magazine’s lead reviewer, reviewed the RSX™ Prime AC Power Cord and found that, in addition to improving all of the things one would normally expect, it made a significant sonic improvement when used to replace the power cord on a Rega RP-10 turntable(!)

His actual words were “Encouraged by this, I added another RSX Prime lead to the power supply for the Rega RP10 turntable and put on Terry Callier’s “Candy Man” [The Best of Terry Callier on Cadet, Charly]. Once again, I went from the Isotek Premier to RSX Prime; this time, there was a dramatic increase in fine detail resolution, especially in the voice on this simple track. Yet, the tune’s rhythmic aspect also became more sophisticated, thanks to an overall increase in clarity.”

Read the full article here.

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