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RSX™ MAX™ phono cables are a step up from RSX PRIME™, for even greater low-level detail, clarity, and freedom from coloration. Move up to RSX MAX for imaging, soundstaging, and ambience-retrieval unrivaled by any phono cable other than RSX’s own BEYOND.


Product Description

RSX™ MAX™ phono cables are made from ultra-pure long crystal Laboratory Grade™ copper conductors, arrayed  in accordance with RSX’s exclusive Balanced Field™ technology.

To Improve on RSX PRIME™,  RSX MAX™ adds even better Teflon™-variant fluoropolymer-plus- air dielectric materials and more.

RSX MAX phono cables are fully “Faraday Cage” shielded, double-grounded, and fitted with special Roger Skoff designed ultra-low contact mass connectors and matching custom machined trim hardware.

RSX MAX phono cables are an easy upgrade to any LP playback system. Buy them to, still affordably, approach the very best sound and listening enjoyment your system can deliver.

  • Exclusive Balanced Field™ technology
  • 100% long crystal, ultra-pure Laboratory Grade copper
  • Multiple multi-wire conductor arrays
  • Teflon®-variant –plus- air dielectrics
  • Fully shielded and double grounded
  • Terminated with the very latest in ultra-low contact mass connectors, the principle for which was first developed and used by RSX’s designer decades before any other cable manufacturer

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

1.0 m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m



Every RSX™ cable is warranted for life against manufacturing defects of any kind. This warranty is not exclusive to the original buyer, but may be transferred from one buyer to the next in perpetuity. This lifetime warranty applies only to defects incurred at the time of manufacture, and does not apply to normal wear-and-tear or to subsequent damage or failure as a result of misuse or mishandling. RSX cables contain no user serviceable parts. Any attempt to open the cable or its connectors will immediately void this warranty.

If your cable or other RSX product fails as a result of faulty materials or manufacture at any time, contact RSX at info@rsxtech.com for a return authorization and send the product back to us by prepaid carrier. RSX will determine, in its sole discretion, if the failure is under warranty and, if so, will repair it or replace it with a new cable of the same or a more current model of the same or better performance and send it back to you, delivery prepaid.


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