No subject in the world of audio is laced with greater contention than a discussion about cables.

Those who hear improvements in their sound system wrought by costly cables are often ridiculed by empirical types who claim that all cables with similar specifications sound alike…Read More

Robert Ross
Consultant – Robb Report

At 9AWG, the spellbinding Beyond Power Cord is the top of the RSX Technologies range, designed by the renowned Roger Skoff of XLO fame. Pricey, but a strong performer, it fits quite nicely in the audiophile world of those looking for a game-changer for their high-resolution system…Read More

Robert H. Levi
Author / Reviewer / Former President of the Los Angeles Orange County Audio Society


The top-of-the-line RSX Beyond Phono Cable from Roger Skoff is a winner. While every bit as excellent as my extreme reference phono cables, they cost less. They may set a new standard for quiet and hum reduction, which is very exciting for vinyl junkies like me. I will have a lot more to say about RSX Technologies in the coming months, so stay tuned to Positive FeedbackRead More

Robert H. Levi
Author / Reviewer / Former President of the Los Angeles Orange County Audio Society


There has always been a bit of a cultural gulf between the pro-audio world and the audiophile world, and a healthy amount of skepticism exists on both sides, the qualitative difference that Roger Skoff’s AMAZING power cables make is absolutely undeniable….Read More

Paul D. Carlsen
Award-winning Producer / Recording Engineer


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